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Some companies to meet their specific needs inherent in your business, try to develop their software internally. This may not always be the best solution available.

Besides requiring large investments in staff and infrastructure, according to market statistics, most of these projects suffer from significant deviations in cost, schedule and scope. As a result are not always delivered all the desired features and the quality levels required are not achieved, generating customer frustration and big waste of time and resources.

We can mention some good points in using a company specialized in development for your needs:

  • The activities can be completed in less time, thus increasing team productivity and business profitability;
  • Full autonomy on the software developed, making this meets all the needs;
  • Greater control of their activities;

The projects developed by Double Logic are planned and produced in a unique way, meeting customer needs, and directed to the continuous search for results.

The development seeks harmony between organization, aesthetics, functionality, content and interaction, fundamental characteristics for the visitor to have a good experience with your company.


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The companies know the importance of following the changes in people’s behavior. One change that has most evident over the years is the adoption of mobile devices (phones, tablets, smartphones) to access the internet.

Increasingly people have connected almost all the time. Owning a mobile version of your site is no longer an option and has become a must for companies who wish to be present on the day-to-day lives of its consumers.

We develop applications for mobile devices like the Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android Mobile, Android Tablet and Microsoft Windows Phone.

Strategic companies are anticipating this transition, and creating mobile applications for this market. As a developer of mobile applications, the Double Logic can take your idea from concept to delivery across different platforms. We have experience in the following mobile platforms:

  • iOS (iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad)
  • Android
  • Windows Phone